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Future of Cell Phones

Gone are the days when cell phone resembled a large rectangle box with long antenna coming out of one end and were usually used to make occasional static filled calls. Cell phones rapidly evolved with time and now it’s chic, stylish, small and more than a mode of communication.

It’s common to take pictures, make videos, surf internet, listen to favorite songs or even watch television on cell phone. You’re connected through the whole world through this hand held device. So what’s more to come? The answer is plenty. All those things that we just begin to comprehend are now fast becoming a possibility in near future. Couple of decades ago, all these features in one tiny device seemed like a farfetched idea or something that only belonged to science fiction. Not anymore. More innovative ideas are surging thanks to huge consumer demand and scientists all around the world are coming with solutions that are making fantasies come true. There is a lot more to come and lot more to anticipate.

future-of-cellphonesCell phones are already an integral part of lives; soon in future they’ll be regarded as our social security number. Just one number no matter whichever part of the world you move in to, area codes will cease to be significant. Mobile phone users already are demanding battery less cell phone that save them from the hassle of charging and Japan unsurprisingly is about to introduce such cell phone in the market that consume less or no battery. Soon you’ll be running your household with your cell phone, like if you forgot to put off lights in the house then instead of worrying about it, you can do it with your cell phone. One day, you can SMS your home system just before you reach home to warm your dinner and switch on the lights and AC for you. You’ll be booking tickets to concerts or movies just through SMS or keep track of train or flight schedules. Fundamo, a mobile phone technology company has already introduced the concept of mobile-wallet that is successfully launched in many countries and no sooner, your wallet will be replaced by your cell phone and shopping will be done through cell phone as well.

Mobile phones won’t look like mobile phones in future. They can be folded or worn it as a jewelry on wrists or neck. Colors and style of cell phone can be changed with click and thanks to nano-technology; cell phone can be really tiny as well.

In-fact there are ideas not even thought of and yet they are soon going to be in your mobile phone and you cannot imagine living without it before. Cell phones have already revolutionized our life style in many ways and yet this changing is nowhere to be over in future.

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