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5 Cell Phones We All Had In School in the Early 2000s

Many who have been born into the technology era don’t imagine there used to be cellphones that had buttons and a tiny screen. Right now, they might seem hard to use, but I bet in the early 2000s, you wanted one.

Cell phones have evolved over the years, and its crazy the advancements that technology has enabled. Today, we have full-screen phones that don’t have buttons. In the past, you had to press a button a couple of times to write a given letter. You can imagine how time-consuming chatting with friends must have been.

Right now your phone screen is big enough that you can use both your thumbs to type faster. It is good to look back and see how far we’ve come. Back then, all a mobile phone could do was make calls and send messages. Today, you can use your smartphone to pay someone to do your homework.

Such a huge change over the last decade!

Students today can hardly live without their mobile phones because it holds access to their entire lives. Be it memories they’ve had over the years, assignments, reading materials, or the contacts of the closest people to them.

Here are 5 cell phones that were quite trendy in the early 2000s.

1.     Nokia 3310

Image Pixabay

This was an amazing phone in the early 2000s, and it was all one needed for effective communication. This cell phone was introduced in 2000 as an indestructible device. It was long-lasting, and its design at the time was sleek.

2.     T-Mobile Sidekick

This device allowed you to type with both thumbs, something that was a big deal in the early 2000. It came with a QUERTY keyboard, which means each letter had its own button. It was a wide phone that had a flip screen.

3.     Motorola RAZR

Image Pixabay

This was yet another flip phone; however, it didn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. Chatting experience was the same as in the case of Nokia 3310. It was much thinner and lighter, a huge improvement compared to cell phones that came before it.

4.     Motorola ROKr E1

Image GSM Arena

This was another lightweight Motorola cell phone that was introduced in 2005. It was the first phone to be integrated with iTunes, hence the nickname ‘iTunes phone’. It even came with a dedicated button to open iTunes. This device allowed you to store 100 music files which was a very big deal at the time.

5.     Blackberry Pearl

Image Crackberry

In 2006, the Blackberry Pearl was introduced, and it was a coveted device because it came with a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as pre-touchscreen navigation. The Blackberry also allowed you to check your emails on your cell phone, something that was a very big deal at the time.


Mobile phones have seriously evolved over the years. Looking back at where they’ve come from allows you to appreciate the functionality you enjoy today. Back then, all a phone allowed you to do is send messages and make phone calls. Today, there is no limit to what a cell phone can do.