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How Technology Has Changed The Way We Watch Poker

pocker-technologyIf there was one element of poker that you could pinpoint of having been affected the most by technology, it would have to be the coverage of the events for the general public back home.

Back in the day if you wanted to watch your friend playing in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) then you would have to fly to Vegas and stand by the rail whilst trying to watch from about 100 yards away.

These days things are very different.

Almost all of the major live tournament finals are now showcased to the general public via a live feed over the Internet, and it has become a huge success and very popular with Unibet mobile gaming fans.

Known as ‘Live Streams’ the Internet viewing of the final tables now means you can watch poker live and as it happens, with hole cards, for the first time in the game.

Each table will be rigged with a series of cameras to provide you with as many angles as you need. The important pieces of information involve the board and the hands, with both of these are covered for the viewer.

A camera dangling over the table known as a ‘flop camera’ covers the board, and small hole cameras are used on the tables to allow the viewer to see the cards when the player opens them up to be viewed.

In another amazing feat of technological wizardry most tables now feature RFID technology, which means hole cameras are not even required. Instead, each card has its own unique chip that tells a computer what the card type is and this is displayed to the viewer at home in the form of a graphic.