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Download free helicopter game. You fly helicopter carefully don’t hit anything.

License: Freeware
Platform: Windows Mobile
Requirements: No special requirements

Compatibale With:

AnexTEK: moboDA 3160, moboDA 3360, moboDA 3380, SP310
Asus: MyPal A632, MyPal A636, MyPal A639, P525
Audiovox: PPC-6700
BenQ: P51
Cingular: Cingular 2125, Cingular 8125, Cingular 8500, Cingular 8525
Dell: Axim X51, Axim X51v
Dopod: Dopod 557w, Dopod 586w, Dopod 595, Dopod 818 Pro, Dopod 838, Dopod 838Pro, Dopod 900, Dopod C720W, Dopod C800, Dopod D810, Dopod M700, Dopod P100, Dopod U1000, P800W
ETEN: ETEN G500, ETEN G500+, ETEN M600, ETEN M600+, glofiish M700, glofiish X500
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox N500, Loox N520, Loox N560, Loox T810, Loox T830
Gigabyte: g-Smart, g-Smart i, g-Smart i120, g-Smart i128, g-Smart i300
HP: iPAQ hw6910 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hw6915 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hw6920 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hw6925 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hw6940 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hw6945 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hw6965 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hx2190, iPAQ hx2790, iPAQ rw6818, iPAQ rw6828, iPAQ rx1950
HTC: HTC MTeoR, HTC P3300, HTC P3600, HTC P4350, HTC S310, HTC S620, HTC S650, HTC S710, HTC TyTN, HTC X7500, P3350, P3400
i-mate: Jamin, JAQ, JAQ3, JASJAM, JASJAR, K-JAM, KJAR, PDA-N, PDAL, SP Jas, SP5, SP5m, SP6, SPL
Kinpo: Neon, Saturn, Tin
Lenovo: ET980, i921
Mitac: A701, Mio A201, Mio P350, Mio P550
Motorola: Motorola Q, Motorola Q Plus, TETRA PDA
Orange: SPV C100, SPV C600, SPV C700, SPV M3000, SPV M3100, SPV M5000, SPV M600, SPV M700
Palm: Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 750v
Pharos: GPS Phone
Qool: QDA Icon, QDA Lite
QTek: 8500, QTEK 8300, QTEK 8310, QTEK 8600, QTEK 9000, QTEK 9100, Qtek 9600, QTEK G100, QTEK S200, QTEK S300
RoverPC: G5
Samsung: i320, i320N, IP830-w, SGH i600, SGH i710
SFR: SFR v1605, V1640
Sprint: PPC-6700
T-Mobile: MDA AMEO, MDA Compact II, MDA Compact III, MDA Dash, MDA Mail, MDA Pro, MDA Vario, MDA Vario II, SDA (US name), SDA II
Tatung: M1, M1A
Torq: N100, P120
UBiQUiO: UBiQUiO 501, UBiQUio 601
UTStarcom: PPC5800, UTStarcom PPC6700
Verizon: XV-6700
Vodafone: Treo 750v, v1210, v1240, v1640, VDA II, VDA IV, VPA compact GPS, VPA Compact II, VPA Compact III, VPA Compact IV, VPA Compact s, VPA IV
Willcom: W-Zero3, W-Zero3 [es]

HP: iPAQ 510 Mobile Messenger
HTC: P3450, Touch, Touch Dual, TyTN II
Palm: Treo 500v
Samsung: SGH i617

HTC: Touch Diamond, Touch HD, Touch Pro
Samsung: SGH i780, SGH i900
Sony-Ericsson: X1

Acer: N10, N30, N35
AnexTEK: SP230
Asus: MyPal A716
Audiovox: PPC-4100, PPC-5050
BenQ: P50
Dell: Axim X3 (300 MHz), Axim X3 (400 MHz), Axim X3i
Dopod: Dopod 515
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox 410 BT, Loox 420 BT/WLAN, Loox 610 BT
HP: iPAQ h4150, iPAQ h4350, iPAQ h5550, iPAQ h6315
i-mate: Phone Edition, Smartphone, Smartphone2
Mitac: Mio 168, Mio 336, Mio 336 BT, Mio 339, Mio 558, Mio 8390, Mio 8860
Orange: SPV e100, SPV E200
QTek: 8100, QTEK 2020, QTEK 7070, QTEK 8080
Sagem: Sagem myS-7
Smart: Amazing Phone, Amazing Phone II
T-Mobile: MDA II
Toshiba: e350, e400, e750 BT, e750 Wi-Fi, e800 BT, e800 Wi-Fi
Viewsonic: V37
Vodafone: VPA

Acer: N50
Audiovox: PPC-6601, SMT 5600, XV6600
Dell: Axim X30, Axim X30 Wireless, Axim X50, Axim X50 (520 MHz) Wireless
Dopod: Dopod 565, Dopod 575, Dopod 585, Dopod 700, Dopod 818, Dopod 828
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox 710
Garmin: iQue M3, iQue M4, iQue M5
HP: iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hx2110, iPAQ hx2410, iPAQ hx2750, iPAQ hx3715, iPAQ rz1710
i-mate: JAM, New JAM, PDA2, PDA2k, PDA2k EVDO, SP3, SP3i
Lenovo: ET960
Mitac: Mio 8870
Motorola: i930
Orange: SPV C500, SPV C550, SPV M2000, SPV M2500, SPV M500
Pharos: Traveler GPS 505
QTek: QTEK 8010, QTEK 8020, QTEK 8100, QTEK 9090, QTEK S100, QTEK S110
RoverPC: M1
Samsung: i300, SCH-i730
Siemens: SX66
Sprint: PPC-6601
T-Mobile: MDA Compact, SDA, SDA Music
Torq: P100
Toshiba: e830
Verizon: XV6600
Vodafone: VPA Compact, VPA III

Download Helicopter Mobile Game: