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Eleminis lite 1.0


Eleminis lite newest game released by Matthew Laird. It is very nice game to have good fun with mobile playing game.

License: Freeware
Platform: iPhone
Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or higher
Publisher: Matthew Laird

Easy! They’re the stars of the cutest and funnest puzzle game ever.

An adorable mix between Sudoku and Rock, Paper, Scissors, you’ll rack your brain while matching, sorting, and swapping all 5 characters to solve each increasingly difficult level.

Each character is stronger than two other specific characters. Swap the character in the play box with a weaker character in the field. Rows and columns will turn yellow when they contain all five necessary Eleminis. Solve the puzzle by turning all columns or rows yellow before your moves / time runs out!


Full Version Exclusive:

100 STARTING MOVES (that’s 50 extra moves!)

3:00 STARTING TIME (that’s 1:30 extra time!)

For every level you solve, you’ll also get

20 BONUS MOVES (that’s 10 extra moves every level!)

20 BONUS SECONDS (that’s 10 extra seconds every level!)

This means higher levels and higher scores!

See how far you can get before your moves / time runs out!

Two Modes of Play:

Moves Mode – Choose wisely
Time Mode – Race the clock


Over 10 Fun and Challenging Levels
4 Increasing Difficulties
Interactive Tutorial for New Players
Pause/Auto Save Games in Progress
Switch On/Off Sound FX and Music

Online Community:

Eleminis is OpenFeint Enabled, meaning you will have access to the largest and funnest iPhone community.
High Score Leaderboards – Compare Global and Personal scores
Achievements – Unlock various medals
Chat – talk to other Eleminis players
Friends – connect directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts
For more info:

Download Eleminis lite 1.0

Download Now

Compatible With:
Apple: iPhone, iPhone 3G

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