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DoomGLES 0.7


This is awesome shooting game full action game download it now and have great shooting fun.

License: Freeware

Platform: Windows Mobile

Requirements: No special requirements

Publisher: Kokak

DoomGLES is an OpenGL-ES port for Dell axim x50v, x51v, and O2 XDA Flame (and any PocketPC which contain the intel 2700g or Nvidia GoForce 5500 graphic chipsets) of DoomGL.
DoomGL was developped in 1998-1999. It ran fine on a Pentium 200 with a 3Dfx voodoo card. Nowadays, we have mobile systems which have enough power to run such applications, so I decided to port DoomGL to OpenGL-ES.
DoomGLES has all the features of DoomGL (and more):
– 640 x 480 native support.
– Free look.
– Bilinear filtering with mipmapping.
– Coronas on light sources.
– Dynamic lighting (multitextured lightmaps).
– MD2 monsters and objects.
– Normal mapping support. (GoForce only)
– “Realistic” water support. (GoForce only)
– Glow effect. (GoForce only)
– Posteffects. (GoForce only)

What’s new:
“Music streaming stops after loading a savegame” bug fixed.
Font rendering bug fixed.

Download DoomGLES 0.7

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Compatible With:
Acer: N50
Audiovox: PPC-6601, SMT 5600, XV6600
Dell: Axim X30, Axim X30 Wireless, Axim X50, Axim X50 (520 MHz) Wireless
Dopod: Dopod 565, Dopod 575, Dopod 585, Dopod 700, Dopod 818, Dopod 828
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox 710
Garmin: iQue M3, iQue M4, iQue M5
HP: iPAQ hw6500 Mobile Messenger, iPAQ hx2110, iPAQ hx2410, iPAQ hx2750, iPAQ hx3715, iPAQ rz1710
i-mate: JAM, New JAM, PDA2, PDA2k, PDA2k EVDO, SP3, SP3i
Lenovo: ET960
Mitac: Mio 8870
Motorola: i930
Orange: SPV C500, SPV C550, SPV M2000, SPV M2500, SPV M500
Pharos: Traveler GPS 505
QTek: QTEK 8010, QTEK 8020, QTEK 8100, QTEK 9090, QTEK S100, QTEK S110
RoverPC: M1
Samsung: i300, SCH-i730
Siemens: SX66
Sprint: PPC-6601
T-Mobile: MDA Compact, SDA, SDA Music
Torq: P100
Toshiba: e830
Verizon: XV6600
Vodafone: VPA Compact, VPA III