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5 Alternatives of WhatsApp in 2021

We know that the domain of internet is expanding and thousands of people are getting into its fold. Most of them are looking for relationships of all kinds such as to find old friends, love, hookups and casual encounters etc. 

Since it has become convenient to find friends online our privacy is also becoming vulnerable as we hear more often data breaches in big corporations like Facebook and WhatsApp etc. Even iClouds get hacked sometimes. So finding a reliable way to make friends and keeping data secure are two very important tangents to take care of. 

Once WhatsApp was used as a mainstream chat app for connecting with people across the globe. But now things have taken a turn and people are bound to find new apps to chat today and meet the amazing new people from all over the world or just around the corner. As we never know what chatting service our neighbor is using but there are sure ways to figure it out.


There are many such apps available which can provide you with a vast variety of alternatives to WhatsApp in 2021. Some of the most popular chatting apps available are Kik, SnapChat, iMessage, Telegram and Signal etc. You can use these apps to contact people directly.

#1 Kik Messenger

Kik is an ideal chatting app for many people who want an app with simple functions and easy messaging. It being a simplistic app does not lack any feature that might interest you in other apps. It’s easy to get through signing up. You can easily trade photos, videos and text messages with your contacts. 

There is one big shortcoming in this app that you cannot find new friends unless you get invited to join a group or invite other people whose details you have. However, there are dedicated platforms where you can get contact details of people to add but those are still unverified unless you know them personally. 

Although it’s few features still it would neve bore you. Kik also hosts games and bots that keep you entertained as well. This is one of the best platforms to keep you hooked and a much better alternative to whatsApp. Try it, you would never get disappointed.

#2 SnapChat 

If there’s any chatting app that has given should-to-shoulder competition to WhatsApp it’s SnapChat. It’s an app which is very much loved by people all over the world. Sending pictures to loved ones is the core function of this app. You can select a time-window how long a person can see your pictures and message and they’d get deleted after that automatically. 

SnapChat gives you liberty to send images, videos and text messages to your contacts. You can also choose privacy at will. After some time they all get deleted unless you or the person you have sent them to saves them. Most of the settings are in your own hand to tweak. You must keep in mind that the videos cannot be longer than 10 seconds. Even if you send a long video it still gets trimmed to 10 seconds only. 

SnapChat also comes with tons of new filters every now and then which you can use to make your images, drawings and clips funny. This app is very popular among the teens.

#3 iMessage

Apple launched its own messaging app for its loyal users. As some of us cannot get enough of Apple products. So is true about the messaging app iMessage. This messaging app is probably best amongst its competitors except it has a limitation that you cannot contact Android users through this app. So if you don’t want to switch to Apple products from Android this app is not for you. 

You need to use your Apple ID to use this chatting app as it connects everything with iCloud and stores your data there. You can also use the iCloud to share media with your friends and store data in it for future use. You can also connect to the new friends by using their details. 

iMessage is a much improved version of Facebook Messenger in many cases and has many more features than that. All your Apple friends should start using this amazing app which provides more features, fun and security than Facebook. 

#4 Telegram

Telegram was launched much later than other popular chatting apps like WhatsApp and SnapChat etc but has been the only credible chatting app for securing end-to-end encryption of userdata. It means that the userdata cannot be seen by any third person, not even the employees of Telegram. 

However, still there is one big shortcoming as it does not ensure end-to-end encryption for group data. The groups on Telegram are so huge that more than 100K people could be discussing something in a single group. Which makes it impossible for its algorithm to ensure encryption for the group chats. 

However, another great feature Telegram has is that the messages between the two users are self-destructive. It means that after a set time the messages automatically get destroyed. So even if someone tries to access your account he would find it empty. 

The encryption on Telegram is provided optionally. If you don’t want your messages to be encrypted you can opt out at any point in time. 

So don’t worry if you cannot reach audiences at a massive number, you can turn to Telegram to serve your clients and followers better.

#5 Signal


If there is any chatting app that keeps trending on Twitter as the best alternative to WhatsApp it’s Signal. Since WhatsApp has spread a sense of discontentment among the masses, the users are almost fed up. They really looked for a substitute until Signal was launched by Open Whisper Systems (OWS)– a company funded by other companies to develop open source products so that the people can use them freely.

Signal allows users to send and receive media and text messages. However, you can also set a time to destroy messages if you want to. It also allows users to ‘lock’ screenshots to bar people from storing your data on their devices. 

Signal uses end-to-end encryption by default so if you are adding someone trustworthy and verifying him to show your messages. It also does not store any data on the cloud. 

To verify your account you need to respond to a verification SMS which annoys some people in the beginning. But if you are looking for a true alternative to WhatsApp, this one is all you need in 2021. 

Sometimes finding friends becomes a hectic task, despite all the efforts and great chatting apps you cannot find random people, friends and locals around your area to chat. Unfortunately none of the above apps including Kik, SnapChat, iMessage, Signal or Telegram. 

There are only a few client apps and services like ChatToday which provide you such features. It literally facilitates you to connect with people, locals, strangers, customers and even old friends. The profiles you get to see belong to real people from all over the social media. 

Not only that, there are plenty of other advantages of Chattoday which you can find here. We are mentioning of its highlights below:

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There are many apps which do not only provide you details about real people but also ensure your privacy and take the whole responsibility of it. You will come to meet faces you have seen in your locality and in the streets as well as total strangers. So do take meticulous care before contacting someone. Remember your privacy is just a click away.