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Free NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus for S60

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus, as the first software passing authentic certification by the Ministry of Public Security and product testing by the Research Institution of China Mobile, is a trustworthy mobile product recommended by At present, NetQin Anti-virus fully supports the most varieties of mobile phones across the world and safeguards the handset security with all one’s strength for you.

Language: Chinese, English, Russian, Thai
Platform: Symbian 6.0, Windows Mobile
Product Type: Freeware
Developer Website: NetQin

Main features of NetQin Mobile Anti-virus include:

  • Complete and Quick File Scanning:

The core scanning engine of NetQin Mobile Anti-virus has adopted the original layer mapping technique from NetQin based on “core” features of viruses and thus, it can execute a complete scan over the User’s mobile phone without negligence or mistake and guarantee information security of the mobile phone. Considering the resource and power restriction of mobile phones, NetQin has optimized both scanning algorithm and strategy to minimize the power consumption of scanning process. Moreover, user interaction during the scanning process has been taken into account. Pause or stop the process at any time, or normally use the mobile phone during scanning are doable due to the user-friendly design.

  • Accurate and Real-time Monitoring:

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus enables real-time monitoring over network connection and file system, and detecting and blocking virus or threats from short messages, multimedia messages, blue tooth, infra-red connection, GPRS, etc. at the earliest time.

  • Varied viruses removing thoroughly, and infected file restoring:

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus equipped with the safe and effective anti-virus strategy can kill virus in an accurate and complete way. Few simple steps can get users rid of virus and help them to restore infected file(s) without any damage. With this software, users don’t have to worry about their important files be infected.

  • Timely and Economical Online Update:

To provide users’ mobile phones with better shield, NetQin is continuously updating its virus database, from which, all users can online download the update(s) for their personal virus database. Moreover, NetQin will compress the update(s) to the maximum extent to minimize the users’ communication fees, thus to offer the most cost-effective safety solution. With the simple and easy-use function of task scheduling, NetQin Mobile Anti-virus enables the users to customize their own tasks, i.e., scanning and updating. The software will automatically scan and update files according to the user-specified schedule.

  1. Complete and Quick File Scanning:
  2. Accurate and Real-time Monitoring:
  3. Varied viruses removing thoroughly, and infected file restoring:
  4. Timely and Economical Online Update:

Download free NetQin Mobile Antivirus

Download p1057_antivirus_v21400_for_s60_2nd.sis

Download p1057_antivirus_s60_3_0_v_2_4_0_cn_en_tai.sisx

Supported Devices

S60 2nd
Nokia: 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, N72, N72IE, N90
Samsung: SGH – D700, SGH – D720, SGH – D728, SGH – D730, SGH-Z600
Panasonic: X700, X800
Motorola: V1000
Lenovo: P930

S60 3rd
Nokia: 3250, 5320, 5320xm, 5320di XM, 5500/5500 Sport, 5630XM, 5700, 5730XM, 6110 Navigator, 6120c/6120, 6121, 6122c, 6210, 6210N, 6210S, 6210si, 6120ci